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We can help you with:

  • Student loans   

  • Repossessions  

  • Foreclosures      

  • Child support 

  • Collections

  • Tax liens

  • Evictions

  • and more…


Financial Freedom Booklet

Getting Your Personal Finances in Order While Building a Big Business. True assets and liabilities.

Monal Capital University The Financial Freedom Platform

How to build generational wealth using incoming producing real estate

Create Cash Flow & Build Wealth


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We’re not your typical credit repair company we offer you an amazing income opportunity while building your personal credit and getting your personal finances in order.

Financial Freedom 1000

What you receive as a partner.

  • Debt payoff system    
  • Identity monitoring
  • Budgeting tool
  • Credit monitoring
  • Financial lockbox
  • Credit Attorney
  • Net worth calculator
  • Credit builder
  • Will and trust
  • Saving goals
  • and more..

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Monal Capital Tradelines

Increase your credit today!

The lines that we offer, are Authorized User Status on Revolving Lines.
Tradelines available from 4K-25K
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“Merging two BILLION dollar industries”

Start Your Tax Cred Plus Business Today, Become Your Own boss.

Start your own Tax Preparation and Credit Repair business and become a TaxCred Plus Inc. partner. Helping your community to achieve financial success.

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We can help you repair build and maintain your credit to get you closer to the credit score you deserve. Getting approved for that next home, car or even a business loans and more.


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Become your own boss by opening your own credit repair franchise. Over 63 million American has a 599 credit score or lower lets get you enroll so we can take on this billion dollar industry.


Melik Monal

Duronal Melik Monal
There’s no question that we have all seen our fair share of failures. It’s part of life.

Life, at the end of the day — it’s not about how we react when we are doing well — but it’s about how we react when we are going through tough times.

And if there’s one example of such determination, is none other than serial entrepreneur D.Melik Monal.

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